World-leading GaN-on-Si and
GaN-on-SiC epi wafers

EpiGaN’s CEO Marianne Germain to detail at CS International Conference 2014 how industrial manufactured GaN Epiwafers are needed

Hasselt, Belgium, March 17th, 2014. EpiGaN nv, a leading provider of III-nitride epitaxial material solutions, announced today that Dr. Marianne Germain, CEO and co-Founder, will deliver a presentation at the CS International Conference 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. Titled “Industrial manufacturing of GaN epiwafers for High Voltage and RF markets”, the presentation will detail how an industrial material source of GaN epiwafers, truly enabling expected device performance, is required, as the GaN electronics market is predicted to significantly ramp-up in the coming years. You can read the full press release here

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