World-leading GaN-on-Si and
GaN-on-SiC epi wafers

EpiGaN to present the latest GaN epiwafer solutions at CS International 2016

This year’s Compound Semiconductor‘s global event will take place on March 1&2 in Brussels
EpiGaN will present its latest GaN on Si and GaN on SiC product solutions at the sixth International conference on compound semiconductors in Brussels. This industry-leading event will focus on breakthroughs in material and device technology and offer insights into the current status and the evolution of compound semiconductor devices and manufacturing processes. Through continuous material and process innovation we are addressing requirements of our customers, offering advances in semiconductor substrates products such as:

  • GaN on Si epiwafers for
    • 600V power switching with state-of-the-art leakage and dispersion performance (up to 200mm diameter)
    • RF power with significantly improved RF loss performance
    • Sensor device applications


  • GaN on SiC epiwafers for RF power (up to 100mm wafer diameter)
  • unique and customized layer designs with binary AlN barriers capped with in-situ SiN for lowest sheet resistivities

Come and learn about recent progress for GaN/Si and GaN/SiC wafer technologies and be invited to talk to our experts at the EpiGaN booth.
EpiGaN’s CMO Dr. Markus Behet will also give an invited presentation titled “GaN on silicon - a truly revolutionary semiconductor technology matures” at this conference.

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