World-leading GaN-on-Si and
GaN-on-SiC epi wafers

EpiGaN is one of "Flanders Cleantech 10", edition 2014

In the spring of 2014, a Flemish cleantech advisory panel put our Flemish cleantech eco-system under the microscope. This panel was composed of 10 Flemish cleantech investors and opinion makers, and consisted of Capricorn, Gimv, Korys, Solvay, Finindus, PMV, LRM, Bekaert, Capital-E Partners, VITO and Energyville. All those involved set about working on the joint request from FCA and the Cleantech Group global platform with plenty of enthusiasm.

Each Flemish cleantech company not listed on the stock exchange with a turnover of less than €50 million (maximum level determined by the EU definition of an SME) was eligible for inclusion in the study by this panel.

In this way, the following 10 companies could be certain to receive the most appreciation from the panel of ten: Borit, Desotec Activated Carbon, Ducatt, EconCore, EpiGaN, LayerWise, NovoPolymers, Nutrients Recovery Systems, REstore, The Sniffers.

The Flemish Cleantech 10 report not only dedicates a full page to each one of the 10 high flyers, including a list of their most important partners, investors and comparable global organisations, but also covers the Flemish cleantech landscape with scores more cleantech companies, the most innovative key sectors and the overarching ecosystem, with the relevant knowledge institutions, platforms, clusters and networks.

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