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At EpiGaN, continuous improvement is guaranteed through intensive internal R&D, partnerships with customers as well as by participation in several international projects, funded by public authorities such as the European Commission and the European Space Agency. EpiGaN is a participant in the following projects:

H2020 InRel-NPower

Project website

ECSEL PowerBase

Project website

H2020 GaN-on-CMOS

Project website


Project website

In the past, EpiGaN also successfully particpated in these finished projects:

FP7 HiPoSwitch project

Highly efficient power electronics is needed for low volume and low weight future power conversion systems. The proposed project aims for the exploitation of novel gallium nitride (GaN) transistors for advanced switched power supplies. High voltage normally-off GaN power devices on Si substrates in vertical device architecture will be developed and its technology transferred to a European industrial environment.

ENIAC E2COGaN project

Highly efficient power conversion is at the heart of the worldwide effort for a green economy, requiring devices with improved capabilities, feasible by replacing the silicon basis material with compound materials with a wide band-gap such as gallium nitride (GaN).
The ENIAC JU project E2COGaN will demonstrate the benefits of GaN devices in micro-grid interfacing circuits for photovoltaic power generation and in grid-connected chargers for high voltage batteries for electro-mobility, establishing a pan-European GaN power electronics ecosystem and competence.

ESA NEWPIE project


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