EpiGaN provides high quality semiconductor materials for high performance power, RF and sensor electronics.

Background and History

EpiGaN gives power and RF device manufacturers access to an unique, proven and powerful technology to be used in key market segments such as power supplies for consumables and servers, AC drives, UPS systems, hybrid electric vehicles, solar inverters, smart grid, RF power for 4G LTE and next generation 5G networks, CATV infrastructure, radars, etc.

Dr. Marianne Germain, CEO, Dr. Joff Derluyn, CTO, and Dr. Stefan Degroote, COO, incorporated EpiGaN in 2010, as a spin-off of imec. In 2011, they were joined in their venture by a strong consortium of investors, formed by Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Capricorn CleanTech Fund and LRM, enabling the installation of a new production facility. Later on A-Capital and FPIM entered the consortium of investors. 
Our clean-rooms at the Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium, were finished in May 2012, followed quickly by wafer shipments to customers.  

EpiGaN demonstrated their first 200mm SiN/AlGaN/GaN HEMT wafers already in October 2012. In early 2013, its first 600V grounded 150 mm wafers, meeting production line requirements, were delivered to customers.  In late 2013, EpiGaN ramped up its production shipments with an increased focus on standardization and industrialization. Statistical process control (SPC) was implemented shortly after and EpiGaN received its ISO9001:2015 certification in 2016.

Currently, EpiGaN is adding signifcant production capacity to meet increasing customer demands.


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